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This baby boomer is sick of drug ads

If you watch television, you can’t miss ‘em: the relentless barrage of ads for prescription and over-the-counter medications to treat virtually every malady under the sun. In fact, the Nielsen Company estimates that there’s an average of 80 drug ads every hour of every day on American television. It’s enough to make you sick. While […]

13 childhood games updated for today’s boomer

Remember the games we played as kids? There were playground pursuits like tag and Red Rover, party games such as Blind Man’s Bluff and Musical Chairs, and pastimes like marbles or jacks. Now that we’re all grown up, we may not have the fortitude, flexibility or inclination to play the games we did in our […]

Scenes from a boomer marriage

Anyone who’s in a live-in relationship surely has them—those slices of life that reveal what day-to-day cohabitation is really like. With apologies to Ingmar Bergman for co-opting the title of his cinematic masterpiece, here are some scenes from my marriage that take a somewhat—shall we say—lighter tone: Scene One: It’s 3:00 a.m. Hubs has returned […]

7 classes I wish Adult Ed offered boomers

Flipping through our local adult education organization’s latest catalogue, I must admit it offers a decent assortment of classes, some of which Hubs and I have taken. For example, together we learned how to roll our own sushi, he took yoga for men (until he hurt his knee), and a friend and I took a […]

Sometimes, rules just beg to be broken

Roxanne Jones

When my husband and I moved to the southern California desert in 2000, our first home was in one of those active adult communities for those “55 and better.” Hubs had just turned that age and I was a relatively youthful 47 (only one of us had to have attained double-nickel status to become residents). […]

Weird medical advances boomers can (maybe) use

Many medical advances we take for granted today were the stuff of science fiction when we boomers were growing up. Now that we are grown up, medical science continues to make some incredible discoveries. For inquiring minds that want to know, here’s some recent medical news you might find useful (or at least amusing): A […]

Practice “Serenity now!”

Remember the “Serenity Now!” Seinfeld episode? George Costanza’s father Frank, played by the inimitable Jerry Stiller, was advised to say “Serenity now” every time his blood pressure was in danger of rising. But instead of calmly saying the phrase, he yelled it. I found myself channeling Frank Costanza recently when I spent a week trying […]

Sniffing out a soulmate: Politics & body odor

In the category of “strange but true,” a recent study in the American Journal of Political Science reveals that people find the body odor of individuals with similar political opinions more attractive than that of folks with opposing views. In other words, conservatives and liberals don’t smell the same to potential mates, and people prefer […]